About Us

Craige on bike

Craige in France

Craige Watson has been riding bikes since the age of 5, starting in schoolboy motor cross, then moving onto tarmac at the age of 15. He joined the armed forces at 17, serving 9 years playing with explosives, parachutes, diving and most importantly, peace-keeping. He then became a Police Officer (riding a bike) and subsequently had various other roles. He currently works for Aberystwyth University as a Security Team Leader. With a lifetime ambition of owning a bike shop, in 2017 with his partner Olymbia, Electra Moto-Gear was launched.

Olymbia Petrou is an Equality, Business and HR consultant, as well as a professional business coach and project manager. She runs her own business Electra Business Services Limited (www.electra-business.co.uk) from the back office. She has yet to complete her CBT, and for the moment, trusts Craige in the driving seat!

Boys putting up sign

Boys raising the sign


Their children, Simon, Alex and Zoë also help out at the shop.